We educate students in fields such as individual design and free artistic creation to a very high mastery of the taught artistic disciplines. Every student is formed both theoretically and language related so as to be capable of independent creation after graduating from our school, or to open his/her own gallery, boutique, or to continue with his studies on universities here, or abroad. Our school collaborates with public and private subjects through extensive extracurricular activities.


82-41-M/01 Applied painting
82-41-M/05 Graphic design
82-41-M/07 Model and fashion design

It is possible to study the Applied painting program in English, or in French.

Information provided by the school principal, Akad. mal. Jaroslav Klát

It is possible to arrange individual dates for the examinations.

All applicants must submit 10 - 15 of their art works, their 8 and 9 grade school report cards (junior class high report cards, etc.), and their ID card (birth certificate).

Prerequisites for studiing

- an entirely onclusive talent and interrest in the choosen artfield
- the ability to work individually, responsibly and long-term
- accepting the natural connection betweek theory and practice

Faculty Courses

- chosen graphic techniques
- computer graphics
- drawing acts

Optional Courses

Chosen graphic Courses

This course extends the teachings of gravure and letter-pressing techniques. The objective of this course is gaining trade skills, developing creative abilities and artistic thinking that will result in individual expression.

Faculty computer graphics

Is aimed mainly at graphic designers, but is not limited to them. The first semester mainly deals with editing prints and technically preparing images for offset printing. During the second semester, you will get a chance to try working with multimedia.

All programs teach computer graphics and using the internet.

Teoretical Courses

Czech language, one foreign language (English), art history, social sciences. Specialized and artistic courses are taught during the studio lessons in each Artfield.

The school provides

- pedagogic personalities
- studio equipment
- a chance to display and sell the student's and professor's own work in the school gallery
- various forms of colaboration with domestic and foreign firms and instituons
- maximum care for the development of each student by way of an individual approach, includind the integration of sensually disabled people
- a chance to study facultative courses

Since establishing the school in the year 1990, 126 expositions were held, and 1136 students graduated from this school

Students carry the cost of

- textbooks and all other aids (tools and material)
- expenses for any possible accomodation
- travel expenses to fieldtrips, trips abroad etc.
- meals


Yearly tuition is 29.000,- Kč, which must always be paid in advance for the entire school year. Tuition may be raised in regards to inflation and the rising cost of energies, rent and salary increases, and also due to the lowering of state funding

Please note

Our school is featured in the statewide network of art high schools that are authorized by the Ministry of Education in the Czech Republic. Refference No. 16.401/90-22 from the 4. 7. 1990. Teaching has begun on the 3rd of September, 1990.

Applications may be sent to the following adress

Soukromá střední umělecká škola designu, s. r. o., Laudova 10/1024, 163 00 Praha 6 - Řepy
Information by phone: +420 602 203 911 a +420 725 800 712
We will be happy to see you during our individual consultations!